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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to flirt

Flirting is not always easy, especially if you haven't had much practice. The following 9 flirting tips provides some general flirting ideas. Use these basic flirting tips to develop your own style. Do what is natural and put your own spin on these flirting tips.
Eye Contact
If someone catches your eye, brazzers try to catch theirs! Just make sure not to stare, you do not come off as crazy or creepy.
Everyone likes to get a wink now and then. Once you lock eyes across the room give a wink! In case she did not catch the signals you were sending, she will be sure to know you are interested when she gets your wink. brazzers
Send a bright and inviting smile. Who could resist it? You will appear cool brazzers, confident and approachable.
Approach her with a compliment, "Wow, you smell amazing. What fragrance are you wearing?" or "You play a pretty mean game of pool." Choose wisely, it's your opening line.
Show Interest
Ask questions. Show that you are interest in learning more about them. Find common interests and make your move to book a date.
Be Yourself
You will both be the most comfortable if you be yourself brazzers. They want to know the real you, or at least the best parts of the real you. Don't let it all hang out just yet. But do show them your best side.
Have Fun
Keep it light and fun brazzers. Make some tasteful jokes, laugh and have a good time. No one likes to be around a negative person. Leave your problems at home and enjoy the present. Show them a good time.
Engage in light and flirty touching. Stand close, dance, get to know each other. Too much touch can be a turn off, but she is sure to enjoy some physical contact.
Whether you are whispering sweet nothings or conversing in a more intimate way, whispering is a great way to get closer. Have some mints handy. After getting this close, you don't want anything to get in your way brazzers.


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